GF - Alien Hives Expanded v2.50.3

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Background Story

Should be pretty obvious, but units convert as below:

Brood Mother - Parasite of Mortrex

Greater Synapse Floater - Malanthrope

Siegebreaker Carnivo-rex - Stonecrusher Carnifex

Slasher Beast - Dimachaeron

Scythed and Barbed Hierodule, Hierophant, and Harridan are already present on the Alien Hives list. Or, at least, things that are so functionally close that there would be no point remaking something 95% the same. Seethe about it or something idk.

Game Design: Gaetano Ferrara
Illustrations: Brandon Gillam
Army Book by: menacing
Cover Image by: Brandon Gillam ; marginally modified by me
Created with: OPR Web Companion
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GF - Alien Hives Expanded v2.50.3
Name [size] Qua Def Equipment Special Rules Upgrades Cost
Brood Mother [1]
Razor Claws (A6, AP(1)), Ovipositor (A1, AP(1), Deadly(3), Infest)
Ambush, Fearless, Flying, Hero, Tough(6)
Greater Synapse Floater [1]
Greater Psy-Blast (18”, A1, Blast(6)), Tentacle Strike (A4, AP(1))
Miasma, Psychic(1), Shrouding Mist, Stealth, Tough(6)
Siegebreaker Carnivo-rex [1]
Tail Whip (A4, AP(1)), Siege Claws (A8, AP(4))
Fear, Fearless, Tough(12)
Slasher Beast [1]
Massive Talons (A6, AP(3), Deadly(3)), Scything Tail (A6, AP(2))
Fast, Fear, Strider, Tough(18)
A | Upgrade with any:
Battering Tusks (Impact(3)) +10pts
Bio-Recovery (Regeneration) +60pts
Replace Siege Claws:
Fleshflails (A4, AP(1), Blast(3), Poison) +15pts
B | Upgrade with:
Maw Strain (Impact(6), Regeneration) +110pts
Special Rules

Infest: If this weapon causes wounds, you may place a unit of [2] Hive Swarm models at least 1" away from the wounded unit, in a position decided by the wounded unit's controller. This new unit can’t be activated on the round in which it is placed.

Miasma: Once per activation, before attacking, pick 2 enemy units within 12”. Those units must take a morale test, if failed they take 3 hits.

Shrouding Mist: Once per activation, pick 2 friendly units within 6”, which get the Stealth rule next time they are shot at.