Warfleets: FTL

General Principles

The most important rule: Whenever the rules are unclear use common sense and personal preference. Have fun!

Modifiers: Regardless of modifiers, rolls of 6 are always successes, and rolls of 1 are always fails.


The Battlefield: The game is played on a flat 6’x4‘ surface, with at least 5-10 pieces of terrain on it.

The Fleets: The players put together two fleets of equal point cost (we recommend starting with 300pts per player), and may only have as many squadrons as total ship upgrades in them, as well as only 1 hero for every 300pts in their fleet. Players may use any assets from the core rules, as well as choose one faction from which to take faction-specific assets.

Initiative: The players must roll-off, and the winner counts as having the initiative.

Mission: Prepare D3+1 objectives, and then players alternate in placing one marker each over 9” away from the table edge, deployment zones, and each other, starting with the player with initiative. If a ship moves over a marker, remove it from the table and it is carried by that ship, and if the ship is removed from play, then the marker is dropped on the spot. The game ends after 4 rounds, and the player with most markers wins.

Deployment: The player with initiative picks one table edge as his deployment zone, with his opponent taking the opposite. Then the players alternate in placing all ships within 12” of their table edge, starting with the initiative player, and then they do the same thing but with all of their squadrons.

Playing the Game

The game is played in rounds, with the players alternating in activating models in four phases. The initiative player starts in each new phase, and the initiative passes to the other player every round. During each phase all models of that type must be activated before passing to the next phase, in this order:

  1. Squadrons Phase

  2. Light Ships Phase

  3. Medium Ships Phase

  4. Heavy Ships Phase


The player picks one model and it may do one of the following:

Action Speed Pivot
Hold - 180°
Move Move 90°
Cruise Cruise 45°
Ram* Cruise 45°

*Squadrons can’t ram or be rammed.


Squadrons: may move by up to their speed value and may freely turn in any direction. Squadrons that move within 2” of an enemy squadron must end their move within 2” of it and count as engaged. Engaged squadrons can’t move.

Ships: Ships must move straight by their full speed value and may pivot once at any point after half their move. Ships may only use ram actions if they can reach base contact with the target, at which point they immediately stop.

Overlapping: If a ship would end its move overlapping another ship, then it must continue to move straight until it is 1” away from any ships, and then the ship and any others it moved through each take 1 damage. If a ship ends its move overlapping squadrons, then players may place each other’s squadrons anywhere within 1” of the ship. Note that ships that use hold actions may not pivot in such a way that they overlap any models.

Disengaging: If a ship moves off the table it is removed, and at the end of the round the player must place it back on the same table edge within 4” of where it left.

Easy Target: Models shooting at ships that used a hold action always hit on 2+ until the ship moves again.


After the ramming ship has moved into contact with the target, compare the max. upgrades of each ship. The ship with the lower number takes 3 damage, whilst the other takes 2 damage, and in case of a tie both ships take 2 damage. The target is then pushed D6” away if it has the same or lower amount of upgrades, and if this pushes it into another ship or terrain, then it stops and takes 1 damage.


Models that have range and line of sight to a target may shoot all weapons after moving, but only if they didn’t use cruise or ram actions this round. Squadrons that are engaged may only target squadrons that they are engaged with.

To Hit: The attacker rolls as many dice as the weapon’s attacks, trying to score the target’s evasion value. For each die that rolls equal or higher, the target takes one hit. If the target is being shot in the rear, then you get +1 to hit. Squadrons always get +1 to hit when targeting squadrons.

To Block: The defender rolls as many dice as hits, trying to score its defense value or higher, and for each failed roll the target takes 1 damage. The defender gets -X to this roll, where X is the total strength of the attacking weapon. If the target is being shot in the rear, then it gets an additional -1 to this roll.

Damage: Squadrons are destroyed after taking 3 damage, whilst ships must assign damage to one of their upgrades instead, and must continue assigning damage to that upgrade until it is disabled. Upgrades are disabled after taking 3 damage, and if all of a ship’s upgrades are disabled it is destroyed (remove from play).


If at the end of any round a fleet is down to half or less of its starting ships, then all ships must take a morale test. Roll a D6, add the number of non-disabled upgrades the ship still has, and if the result is 6+ the morale test is passed. If failed, then the ship surrenders and is removed from play. Squadrons don’t have to take a morale test, and if all ships have surrendered or are destroyed, then all of the squadrons surrender as well.


Cover Terrain: Models that shoot through cover terrain get -1 to hit. Difficult Terrain: Models moving through difficult terrain halve their speed. Blocking Terrain: Models can’t move through blocking terrain, and models that are pushed into it take 1 damage.

Dangerous Terrain: Models that are pushed into or move through dangerous terrain take D3 damage.

Fleet Creation

Heroes/Titles: Ships can take heroes and titles by adding their cost to the ship’s total cost. Each hero may only be taken once per fleet, and each ship may only have one hero and one title.

Upgrades: Players must assign each ship with as many upgrades as they can take, and each upgrade may only be taken once per ship. Note that unlike heroes and titles, all ship upgrades are free.

Weapons: All models come with a turret that may be fired in all directions, whilst ships may also be assigned new weapons as an upgrade. New weapons must be mounted on a specific facing, and each facing may only have one new weapon. Ships have a front, sides (counts for both sides), and rear facing. Note that unlike heroes and titles, all weapons are free.

Ships & Squadrons

Heavy Ship - 80pts

  • Speed: Move 4“ / Cruise 6“

  • Turret: Ran 24“ / Att 2 / Str 2

  • Defense: Eva 2+ / Tou 2+

  • Upgrades: 4

Medium Ship - 60pts

  • Speed: Move 6“ / Cruise 9“

  • Turret: Ran 18“ / Att 2 / Str 1

  • Defense: Eva 3+ / Tou 3+

  • Upgrades: 3

Light Ship - 40pts

  • Speed: Move 8“ / Cruise 12“

  • Turret: Ran 12“ / Att 2 / Str 0

  • Defense: Eva 4+ / Tou 4+

  • Upgrades: 2

Gunship Squadron - 10pts

  • Speed: Move 10“ / Cruise 15“

  • Turret: Ran 2“ / Att 2 / Str 0

  • Defense: Eva 5+ / Tou 5+

Fighter Squadron - 10pts

  • Speed: Move 10“ / Cruise 15“

  • Turret: Ran 2“ / Att 3 / Str 0

  • Defense: Eva 5+ / Def 6+

  • Special: Anti-Squadron

Bomber Squadron - 10pts

  • Speed: Move 8“ / Cruise 12“

  • Turret: Ran 2“ / Att 1 / Str 2

  • Defense: Eva 4+ / Tou 5+

  • Special: Anti-Ship, Deadly


Tactical Master (15pts): May choose not to be deployed at the start of the game, but instead may be deployed anywhere over 9“ away from enemies at the start of any round after the first.

Expert Sapper (10pts): When this ship is activated you may place a mine marker within 4“. Enemies moving within 2“ of the mine take 2 damage and remove it.

Ace Commander (10pts): The first time a friendly squadron within 6“ is activated each round, you may activate another friendly squadron within 6“.


Vanguard (10pts): When deployed may immediately be moved straight by up to its move speed.

Avenger (5pts): May fire sides mounted weapons from both side facings at once.

Defiant (5pts): Whenever a friendly ship within 6“ is destroyed, you may remove 2 damage from this ship.


Ablative Armor: Enemy ships ramming this ship take +1 damage, and this ship never takes any damage from overlapping enemy ships.

Armored Plating: This upgrade takes 5 damage to be disabled.

Gravity Bumper: Enemy ships are pushed by +D6“ when rammed by this ship.

Nuclear Ammo: Turret gets +1 strength.

Precision Rig: Turret gets +1 to hit.

Pulse Engine: Gets +2“ on move and +3“ on cruise/ram actions. Reinforced Ram: Deals +1 damage when ramming enemy ships.

Repair Bay: When activated may remove 1 damage from another ship within 4“.

Shield Booster: When taking a point of damage roll one die, on a 5+ it is ignored.

Stealth Rig: Always counts as in cover when targeted from over 12“ away.

Tractor Beam: When activated pick one enemy ship within 8“ and move it D6+1“ toward this ship.

Warp Drive: When using move actions may move straight by D6+2“, ignoring all ships and terrain.


Energy Cannon: Ran 12“ / Att 3 / Str 1
Counts as having the Anti-Ship rule.

Giga Cannon: Ran 6“ / Att 1 / Str 4
Counts as having the Deadly rule.

Heavy Cannon: Ran 12“ / Att 4 / Str 0
Counts as having the Relentless rule.

Linked Railgun: Ran 24“ / Att 3 / Str 1
Counts as having the Overheating rule.

Missile Cluster: Ran 18“ / Att 1 / Str 1
Counts as having the Blast rule.

Plasma Cannon: Ran 18“ / Att 2 / Str 3
Counts as having the Overheating rule.

Tsunami Cannon: Ran 24“ / Att 1 / Str 2
May only be fired when holding and counts as having the Deadly rule.

Weapon Batteries: Ran 6“ / Att 2 / Str 2
Counts as having the Broadside rule.

Special Rules

Anti-Ship: May only target enemy ships and gets +1 to hit.

Anti-Squadron: May only target enemy squadrons and gets +1 to hit.

Blast: If the target is hit all models within 4“ of it are also hit by this weapon.

Broadside: May only be mounted on the sides facing, and doubles its attacks when targeting enemy ships in their side facing.

Deadly: This weapos deals +1 damage per hit on the target.

Fragile: The first time this model takes damage each round it takes +1 damage. Overheating: If you roll a 1 to hit, then this ship takes 1 damage.

Relentless: This weapon may split its attacks to fire at different targets.

Rogue: This squadron may be activated during other phases, but may only either move or shoot when doing so.